Kovinoplastika Benda

Our products

Spraying products

  • Materials: ABS, SAN, PA, PBT, PC, PE, PP, PS, POM, PMMA, TPE,
  • the weight of the syringe from 5g – 1.000g
  • closing forces of 50T – 420T
  • injecting inserts
  • central embankment system


  • We assemble injection molded parts from simple to complex assemblies
  • for B/S/H Nazarje, we assemble small household appliances of the BOSCH brand
  • we perform RUN-IN and sustainable testing of appliances
  • ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is welding in which the mechanical oscillation of the base material is converted into thermal energy. This energy is so great that the welders are born and joined. The mechanical oscillation of the solid particles is caused by vibrating (ultrasonic generator) the base material. The welds lie on a rigid base. It is pressed by a sinitrode, which is loosely connected to the source of oscillation. The resulting oscillation is transmitted via the electrode to the weld, where the oscillation is converted into thermal energy, which heats up the welds and finally welds with pressure.


We print on all materials, any motifs and colors. We guarantee the durability of the printed motif. Multicolor pad printing on:

  • plastic,
  • chrome surfaces,
  • glass,
  • aluminum,
  • metal,
  • hot press,
  • round print
  • and laser engraving.
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