Kovinoplastika Benda

White technology


We are a system supplier. We provide partners with the manufacture of tools (external contractual partners) and the production of plastic housings in the field of electronics.

Processes and services:

By constantly improving and introducing new technology, we ensure the successful implementation of projects and excellent cooperation with business partners. During the processes, we have control points where we check the given results with the requirements, which are statistically evaluated, and with the help of modern methods, we analyze them and determine the necessary measures.
For the control of production processes, analysis and the development of new products, we are assisted by a modern measuring room, where professionally qualified personnel use a 3D coordinate measuring machine and a non-contact optical measuring machine. The expertly trained team finds the best solutions for the partner’s challenge.

Solutions for industry

We always try to get closer to the ideal solutions of lean production, which ensures short flow times and greater flexibility.


White goods and
small household appliances


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